Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Super Swaps

I love finding swaps for naughty foods!  It leaves me being able to enjoy "treats" but without the guilt, making it that much easier to stay on track.  After doing a low-carb, non-dairy cleanse to support a friend, I picked up a few more.  Here is my current list of favorites:

--roasted, sliced carrots for sweet potato fries
--lettuce for tortillas
--roasted, cubed butternut for potatoes
--Greek yogurt for sour cream
--ground buffalo for ground beef and/or turkey
--pizza with half the cheese
--roasted kale or cabbage for rice with Asian-style dishes
--quinoa for rice
--roasted spaghetti squash for half or all of pasta
--build up your spaghetti sauce with extra veggies like mushrooms and spinach
--make your own sauces with fresher ingredients like tartar sauce and salsas

Try to find a small swap here or there in your weekly menu.  A small change here or there can start to add up BIG in your calorie-count!

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