Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Oils for Living

As far back as the pharoahs, essential oils were highly valued commodities, so much so that often they were stolen from graves and tombs right along with other treasures like precious stones and minerals.  They were held in such high regard for their healing and therapeutic powers that the three wise men came baring them as gifts to the baby Jesus (frankincense, myrrh).

In my quest for good health, I've begun using essential oils as a resource for cold prevention (citrus blend), healing the endless stream of cuts, scrapes, and bruises (maleleuca), and deeper relaxation for stress points and during massages and baths (lavendar).  While I haven't found them to a be an instant cure-all, they do seem to have an impact without leaving me feeling like we're left with nothing but popping pain pills or taking dose after dose of cold medicine...a more natural weapon to have in the arsenal of family health!

There is a great site (and an app, too!) that lists oil "recipes" for whatever your ailment or need from acne to cellulite (lemon) to stuffy noses (peppermint):

Build up your daily health regimen to include some help from this natural but powerful resource!

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