Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fake It!

Not feeling so super lately?  Ugh, me either!  The holiday pounds are sticking around, and so is this miserable head cold!  What to do...'s in these low moments that it's sometimes just easier to fake it!  Pull yourself up out of the muckety-muck by putting a smile on your face, instead of wearing that grimace.  Keep up a positive dialogue with yourself, rather than letting the blues get the best of you.  Not feeling up to faking your way through?  Head outside for a run or walk to sweep away the cobwebs in your head.  Hey, if it's a bit chilly and brisk, you'll even get an added calorie-burn from just trying to stay warm!

Researchers have found that this time of year tends to be when more of us are feeling a bit down:  the holidays are over yet their bills are just coming in, it's cold, and the weather's gloomy.  If you're feeling the impact, don't get worn down, supermoms!  If it takes faking a sunny disposition to lift your spirits over the next couple of months, then do it.  If nothing else, those around you will probably find your glow refreshing and uplifting.  Spring and summer are almost here, so fake it till you make it!

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