Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Today I... reflecting on a theory that a meditation specialist shared, at a wellness event for my parent's network group.  She talked about all of us being filled with joy and peace, a gift inside all of us.  Stress blocks our access to that gift.  Visualize the stress in your life covering up your inner joy and peace like a pile of heavy blankets, obstructing your view of them and maybe causing you to lose touch with them.  The more stress that's added, the more your joy and peace become buried.

We are all entitled to live a life filled with these most basic of spiritual gifts.  If you have lost sight of yours, consider daily meditation to dig beneath the layers of blankets in your life to release feelings of joy and peace.  Find a quiet place (I know, for us moms that can be a huge challenge) and give yourself a 10-minute time-out.  Sit still or lounge or lay down and begin to mentally travel through your body, asking it to relax, as you close your eyes:  face muscles, shoulders, hands, and all the way to your toes.  Do so will taking deep breaths and letting them out slowly.  Focus your mind on a comforting visual, and even if your mind wanders to other things, redirect back to your visual; mine is a candle flame or fireplace.  Breathe in the calm and relieve yourself of some of those blankets with each exhale.  Feel at peace, in these few minutes each day.  Let yourself fill with joy, supermoms!

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