Monday, January 7, 2013

In Resolution

Happy New Year, supermoms!  It's the start of another, which usually means the drafting of a new list of resolutions to get after.

It always seems that weightloss falls near the top of the list for us ladies.  So, it's time to get out the scale and assess the situation.  Pick a morning sometime soon and make a date with the scale, preferably before diving into your morning coffee and after a sweat-laden cardio workout!  Whatever you did or didn't eat or do, the scale will spit out a number accordingly.  Take ownership of whatever the number is, because right, wrong, or indifferent it's all you.  If you, like me, don't like what you see, now is a great time to work on changing it!  Get to the gym!  Not a gym-rat?  Sniff around your community for running, biking, or hiking groups.  I've found that most are more about the comraderie and less about serious competition.  Commit to a 5K in the Spring and pull a training schedule from the web; you can find ones for beginners to novices, generally for free!  I'm a huge fan of most of the Beachbody at-home workout programs, allowing me to literally roll out of bed, stumble into workout clothes, and knock out a class in my bedroom before I'm even fully awake!

It seems that the beginning of a new year marks a clean slate for the soul, too.  I'm blessed to be in the company of great ladies that support, challenge, encourage, and mentor me in endeavors ranging from business to athletic to parenting.  Over the past year, I have learned that the more of myself I put out there for them, they give me so much more in return.  I spent the last year learning so much more about myself through them, and I grew so much more because of them.  So, I'll be adding one more resolution to the be the kind of friend a friend would like to have.

Here's to a wonderful 2013 of you doing your best for yourself, supermoms!  Cheers!

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