Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Gobble, Gobble

The countdown to that big Thanksgiving dinner is down to days, almost hours!  It's always about this time that fitness gurus start bombarding us with ways to revamp that meal to be healthier, creating a table full of dishes that don't conjure up Thanksgiving imagery to me.  Then, there are those diet-oriented buddies that start frantically posting and tweeting promises and oaths to limit, avoid, and/or stay away from nearly every dish found at a Thanksgiving feast save the veggie tray appetizer!  It's enough to take some of the joy and celebration out of the holiday, isn't it?

It's a holiday, supermoms!  Relax, get into the spirit, and enjoy the day.  Does that mean you need to go nuts and pig out till you want to puke?  Well, if treating yourself to that point will make you get right back on track with your healthy eating habits on Friday, so be it.  This is ONE day of the year, and it's okay to indulge.  Feeling to guilty to let go?  Pick and choice your battles...have some potatoes sans the butter, peel the skin off your pieces of turkey, pass on the whipped cream topping on your pumpkin pie, or just fill up on your most favorite offerings and pass on the rest.  If you still feel apprehensive, sign up and run one of the gazillion Turkey Day races or plan a post-meal walk.

This is a time to focus on being thankful for the gifts in your life.  Enjoy celebrating those gifts with your family, friends, and loved ones.  There'll be plenty of time to deal with all those calories, starting with running around the mall and shopping centers bright and early on Black Friday!  I'm planning my attack on both fronts, as we speak.  Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, supermoms!

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