Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Flight Delayers

Does it ever seem to you, supermoms, that for every step forward you take in reaching and stretching towards your dreams and goals that there's always someone watching from the sidelines just waiting for you to fall, happily ready to point out that they knew it wouldn't work or that you couldn't do it.  It's like the meer thought of you taking flight has them digging in their heels to watch for your fall.  It's unnerving, isn't it?  Those doubting looks and snickering, scoffing comments are like arrows shot straight into your core, weakening your confidence and eroding your courage to step outside of the box and take a risk.  Have you considered that that is exactly what these negative-nellies want? keep you tucked snugly in your little maintain the status quo that provides them comfort and security, even if it means that you have to diminish yourself to conform to the box?

They are afraid of your cape catching wind, supermoms!  Their words are not a commentary about you but are a reflection of their fears of seeing you fly.  Look for your inspiration and support from somewhere else than the naysayers, because they are doing nothing but clipping your wings, and you deserve to soar!

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