Friday, September 14, 2012

Parenting Lasts Article

Happy Friday, Supermoms!  Given that mine started with a one-two punch from my darling children in the form of outfit-busting poops, puking, and the always timely tantrums, it is with a MUCH happier frame of mind that I share this article with you.  A girlfriend sent it out, and I clicked the link expecting a joke-filled, sarcastic read by yet another snarky parent writer.  What I found instead was an achingly true side of parenting that I think so many of us know in our hearts but don't often reflect on.  So, grab a Kleenex, and enjoy Parenting Lasts from the Huffington Post:

What did you think?  Isn't it amazing, the ties that bind us parents together no matter how different we seemingly are?

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