Wednesday, August 1, 2012

That's What Supermoms Are Made Of...

How can you define a supermom?  A pinch of "super" and a dash of "mom" come together to make up the title of "supermom".  But, what does that really mean?  What if we looked a little closer at the make-up of those two very key ingredients:

SU-PER [soo-per]
1. an article of a superior quality
1.  of the highest degree, power, etc.
2.  very good; first-rate; excellent
3.  very fine (damn straight, right?!!)
galactic, mighty, marvelous, outstanding, groovy, magnificent...and, not to be "super"ficial, hot

Wow!  As supermoms, we are the sum total of both those parts, and that is a pretty exciting way to think of ourselves!  It's a very exciting way to be in this world!

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