Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Supermom Confidential

Do you ever dream about what you would do, in this life, if you could make a wish and have all the skill and talent to make it happen?  If you could be anything in the pretend and have some fun with me here, supermoms, because I'm not looking for the standard answer of "being a mom to my kids, because they're all I need in the whole world"...what would you be?  For as long as I could remember, I wish I could be a rock star!  I wish I could be onstage, rocking out to a full house, belting out hits in a voice as big as the ocean like Ann Wilson's from Heart.  Now, it's an impossible dream given my age, lack of musical prowess, and, as family and friends put it, my inability "to carry a tune in a wicker basket".  Still, when a great song pops up in my playlist, I get a little extra bounce in my step imagining myself center stage!

What do you dream about that is within your grasp?  I will tell you's writing a book.  As I've moved through all the various phases of my life thus far and as I've been able to check things of my life's long goals list, the thought gets more pressing.  I think I finally recognize that I've probably had this dream in my mind and in my heart for a long time, going back to playing pretend as a kid to enjoying Creative Writing in high school, excelling in business writing in college, and then moving into blogging.  At least, this is what I tell myself to keep my dream alive, since I am finding that the actual act of writing out a story is a lot harder than it sounds and is quite time-consuming.  I have to get in the "zone" to connect back to the plot and characters.  The "zone" requires quite a bit of concentration and quiet, a nearly impossible state to reach with small kids!

Pssst....I have a story to tell, and I think it's kinda cool and very me.  I'm tinkering as often as I can to get the story outta my head and onto paper.  I've connected with writers to learn more about the craft.  Wanna know a secret of mine?  Shhhhh!  I think I could actually DO this!...make my little dream come true!  Now, I've told you mine...won't you share yours?

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