Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dear Son,

My heart broke a little today, seeing your classmates teasing you and watching your sweet spirit break just a bit.  I, for one, love your creativity!  On a day like Express Yourself day, I thought it was great that you donned all your pirate gear, including your favorite hat...the purple one with feathers.  I'm sorry some of your classmates mistakenly thought it was a girl's hat.  I agree that it looks just like what Captain Hook would wear and not at all like something a girl would wear.  I'm not sure why they were so mean about it.  Some kids just may not be happy and take it out on kids like you who are...who shine with joy and happiness.  I don't have an answer for you there, but I am so sorry they made you feel embarrassed or diminished.

I wish you had left it on, instead of sending me home with it, because you looked so cool and confident in it!  I will, however, always try to respect your choices on such matters...within reason anyway!  Can you see that this will part of growing up...part of being a kid?  Are you ready to see that the world can be mean and hurtful?  I'm not sure I'm ready for you to experience it.  I wished so badly, in that moment, that I could jump in and defend you.  I wanted to shield and protect you, but I understand that a fierce supermom wasn't what you needed right then.

Ringing my cape in my fists, I chose to help you turn the other cheek, shake it off, and jump back in the foray.  It's about getting back up and moving forward, my son.  I can tell you to hold that handsome head of yours high.  Keep expressing yourself and being true to yourself, because it is so great that you are you!  If you look around, I'll just bet that there are plenty of people that like you for your bold spirit, sense of adventure, and fun, creative side!  Look for people that appreciate that, because you deserve to be surrounded by friends that make you feel great about you and who support you.  I know that I just love those things about you.  Chin up, my gentle giant!  I'll have your Captain Hook hat waiting in the car for you, after school.  I love you!


Your Mom

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