Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Please Forgive Me...

...I do, however, know what I did.  I got all excited to start blogging it up, to get back into "me" things, before my priorities were really in line to do so.  In other words, I totally jumped the gun by relaunching Project Supermom!

As all of us moms know, super or not, our lives are now chalked full of lots of other things that have to come before some of the things we actually want to be doing.  Namely, those things fall under the categories of children and husbands and, in my case, career!  My list does go in that particular order but being that I'm also a supermom-in-the-making, I have also squeezed in exercise time and sleep, which I feel is a necessity for all of us, although some may see it more as a "want".  So, over the last year, it's been mostly about managing the physical demands of caring for an infant, including nursing the small child on a full-time basis.  Add in trying to keep up with a VERY precocious and active toddler, while trying to hold down the house, plan out and prep family meals, and perform my duties...more like just keep my head above my office, I was just holding on for dear life eaach day!  Oh, and there was also being a loving and supportive wife to my somewhat sleep-deprived husband, but he was at least able to enjoy an adult beverage or two each week to help get him through!  To help me hang in there, I did "indulge" in daily, vigorous workouts...if you can call rollling out of bed at 5 a.m. to get an ass-beating from Insanity's Shawn T. or P90X's Tony Horton!  My morning workouts gave each day a sense of routine, at least, and did give me an outlet to burn off steam, clear my head, and to reenergize for the day ahead.  Needless to say, there was not room left over for too much more on my plate.

As all things do, my nursing came to a much-welcomed end.  The baby started at the preschool where my son goes, and this mommy got back to the office.  After digging myself out from under the piles of projects and non-urgent things to do on my desk, here I am, finally ready to add more "me" things back to my priority list!  Little by little, I've let "me" creep back up there by joining old friends for movies and dinners, meeting new friends at book clubs and running groups, and now blogging and tinkering with my novel.  There's still never enough time for me to focus on "me" as much I'd like but these little glimmers of "me" shining through each day really lift my spirits, making me feel more balanced as a mom and even as a wife.  As moms, I feel like it's so easy to let our "me"-time fall off the radar.  What I'm here to tell you is that you owe it to yourself to eek out personal time to, firstly, take care of your physical well-being and, finally, your mental well-being.  Not only will you benefit, but your family will, too!  I have learned all to well over the past year that it is truly all about finding balance in the place your are now, so that you can meet the demands around you but also nurture that spark inside of you...your "me"!

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