Monday, August 1, 2011

Well, I'm Back, Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-Na!

Ah, it feels good to be flexing my blogging muscles! Actually, it feels even better given that me blogging means baby is sleeping...strapped to me in her Bjorn, but we can't have everything!

Well, how have you been supermoms? I have been all over the board, these past few months. Amidst the usual last trimester woes of just feeling completely miserable, we had a few scares with the baby that turned out to be nothing, thankfully, and I experienced the added daily pain of carrying her breach...for you moms that have had breached babies, my heart goes out to you in an entirely different and much more sympathetic way! Needless to say, by the last month I gave up the "fight" and quit all my workouts and walking, except for 20-minutes of prenatal Pilates every now and then. Try as I might, I could not avoid comforting myself with plenty of white-bread products and bowls of frozen yogurt from the new shop conveniently located right down the least there, I skipped the candy toppings and generally went for sugar-free and dairy-free...the white bread I have no excuses to justify that!

I gained my standard 35-pounds or so...the "or so", because I quit counting at 35 since I really have no desire to know, after that point. Besides, some of it is water weight, given the botttle I would pound to make sure my fussy bladder would perform to leave a sample. Anyway, our daughter was born right on time and is healthy as a horse, which is all that really matters...except the blessed fact that my desire for breadsticks and pretzels and tortillas has completely disappeared, leaving room for my salad and fruit and healthy fare cravings to take hold...don't ask about the frozen yogurt...I still want it...regularly! *giggle* I lost almost 20 of the 35-ish pounds I gained within the first two weeks, leading me to feel super confident in my body's ability to drop all the weight I didn't want and to whisk me quickly to my weightloss goals, while I stuffed my face with said yogurt and way too much celebratory birthday cake (mine and my husband's) and cookies and other treats.

Well, here I am...144.4 pounds with a goal weight of 120 that I'm targeting to hit by February 2012, just in time for a two week trip encompassing Miami's Southbeach and a 10-day Caribbean cruise. And, yes, you can call me vain or whatever, but I intend to look SMOKIN' for it! I already have three cute bikinis in, ahem, pre-baby sizes ready to act as a motivating factor for me to get in gear. To insure I have immediate lift-off, my Hubby threw out another a 1/2-marathon with very first one...this fall...October to be exact! Clearing my 6-weeks of postpartum recovery this past weekend, I have a 10-week training program to dive into, starting today! Yikes, no time like the present, and as I gasped my way through today's run (which includes pushing a stroller loaded with a baby and a carseat) and try not to get overwhelmed with making all this happen, I had a glimpse of "me"..."me", the supermom.

So, I'm back. Back to the business of getting after it and going for it...of taking care of myself, so that I can care for my family and do the things I dream. With my goals laid out very clearly ahead of me, I dig deep to ignite my superpowers, and I ask you...are you ready, too? Care to join me? Then, let's go!

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  1. Dream nicely. One day, your dream will succeed. I think that, you are in jolly mood. Nice to hear.