Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Today I...

...spent my "lunch break" surfing the websites of a few of my favorite stores: Old Navy, Express, Victoria's Secret. Since I am 6-months pregnant, I realistically am not in a position to do any serious shopping for anything right now. So, why bother, you may ask? Well, I have an agreement with the Hubby that I get a whole new wardrobe, after this baby comes and after I get back to my goal weight...that magic 125. For someone that really only replaced a few choice pieces in her closet, as needed, after the birth of my son nearly 3 years ago, I am LONG overdue for some SERIOUS clothes shopping!

Since I can't stand most of my old maternity wear, which is also proofing to now be too big, and since I have not a whole lot of fun stuff to look forward to wearing, after our daughter is born (think too big, faded, dotted with holes, outdated, or super plain to be as versatile as possible), it is motivating to me to fill up my e-shopping bags with stylish and fun fashion in dream sizes! With my goals in place and a clear reward at the ready, I just have to put in the work to get there. Then, hopefully with some luck in hitting sales and clearances, my virtual wish list will find its way to my eagerly awaiting closet!

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  1. Hey SuperMom, or should i say Super girl. Good write. I have been there, done that and it is not easy. But you can do it too. Take it easy, clothes,fashion and discounts will come and go..... but your baby and your body is top priority.
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