Friday, March 4, 2011

QuickByte Fridays--Just Joanna's Happy Not to be a Supermom

Ah, Friday! Sending you off to your weekend with some thoughts about the label "supermom", here is a thoughtful post by Joanna at Just Joanna's titled "3 Reasons I'm Happy I'm Not a Supermom". Why would I even share this? Am I trying to start a blogging war? Nope, not at all. I find people's interpretations of the term and what it means to be of interest. As much support as I've had, I've had pushback from other moms not liking what a "supermom" is...or, more to the point, what images the term "supermom" conjures up for them. I enjoy trying to bridge that gap, which sometimes falls on dead ears...but, whatevs!

So, anyway, read on for Joanna's take. Did you see what I saw? A mom that defines my idea of a "supermom in training", if not a full-blown "supermom". When I first started Project Supermom and laid out my definition of what that label meant to me, it looked an awful lot like what is discussed here!

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