Friday, February 18, 2011

QuickByte Fridays--Project-Look Good Naked's Taking Ownership

I love bloggers that can really put themselves out there, sharing personal details that I know I don't even share with my Mother! I think it is brave and opens the doors of communication for us ladies, since we tend to still steer clear of certain conversation topics like our weight and grosser bodily functions. Reading through mommy, life, health, diet, and weightloss blogs, I often find those women who spend one post bitching about how unfair it is to be overweight, while they turn around in the next one to showcase a family meal that they splurged generally included and plenty of disclosure about how this is a RARE treat, eventhough it seems suspiciously just like the splurges they had the weekend before and a night the week before that and so on...that, to me, removes my doubts as to why they can't get to a healthy weight.

What Katy at Project-Look Good Naked has done with Taking Ownership given her thoughts on this and how she began to demand more from herself. Sharing TMI along the way, her honesty was refreshing!


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  2. Lovin' the SuperMom approach by the way!!!

  3. We have a whole tv show called "look good naked" here in the UK, its brilliant! Encourages women to be self affirming :D