Friday, February 4, 2011

QuickByte Fridays--Fit & Healthy Mommy's Vegan Cleanse

Today's featured supermom is a fellow P90X friend, Debi Mikolowsky, whom I met through my postings for Project Supermom on the Facebook P90X incredibly supportive group of people, I might add! Anyway, Debi kicked off 2011 with a self-imposed vegan cleanse for 30-days. Now, I have been curious about cleanses for awhile, but I haven't actually partaken in one. Some of the reasons that I have not is that I'm not sure I'm fully educated on what cleanse to try, I'm not sure about the sustainability or long-term benefits of cleansing, I don't feel that some are safe, and I did not feel comfortable upending my eating habits while working out at such an intense level. Obviously, once I became pregnant, a cleanse was out of the question, in my mind.

I have closely watched what Debi has done, what she eats, how she has felt, and will be curious as to the overall verdict. What has interested me so much about her cleanse is that she could use "real foods", instead of having to order powders or shakes or bars. Having won my weightloss battle using nothing but stuff I could buy off the shelves of my two nearest grocery stores, I take issue with signing up for programs or systems that send me what I am supposed to eat. Firstly, there is the outlay of cost. Next is having to manage the supply and reordering and such. Lastly, there is the longevity of staying on top of a program, especially one that requires me to send off for my supplies. I think, for me and my hubby, once it becomes work, I get VERY easily derailed!

Anyway, I have really enjoyed her honest take on her experience, and it has given me some food for thought...pun probably intended! So, give her blog a read and share your thoughts on cleanses. Next week, let's talk more about the veganism aspect that she chose, too!

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