Friday, October 29, 2010

QuickByte Fridays--A World's Worst Mom's Halloween

Ah, there is almost nothing better than a Friday that kicks off a holiday weekend! This Halloween is especially significant as it marks my son's very first year of trick-or-treating, and I am practically giddy in anticipation of seeing what he does, when he discovers it's candy that he gets...he currently thinks trick-or-treating means he gets yet another pumpkin!
Anyway, in celebration of one of my most favorite holidays, I give you World's Worst Mom's Halloween Survival Guide, a special treat. Happy Halloween, all you supermoms out there!


  1. Thanks for letting everyone know about us! And glad you like the site. Does this mean you'll be photoshopping the kid onto the Empire State Building in a gorilla costume? Or are you guys still hitting the pavement?

  2. No problem...enjoyed the post! We're hitting the son's first Halloween of trick-or-treating!