Friday, October 22, 2010

QuickByte Fridays--Oprah's Acts of Kindness

We spend so much time wondering about what's wrong around us in this world. What if we spent more time trying to make it better? Kindness doesn't take much of an effort, but do you ever notice how rudeness and negativity seem to just drain you? Do you have a random act to share?


  1. I so agree!!

    I find myself shying away from certain people/friendships because they're so negative and I just don't want to be around that.

    Having a toddler and a deployed hubster, I can't, yet, volunteer and do the things I'd like to to help others, but I believe that being happy, optimistic is definitely a start!

  2. Every Monday on my website I Make Monday Matter! Surprise someone with a random, unsolicited act of kindness. Not only does it make someone's day, but it ends up making my day every time!

  3. My hubby and I have done the same..."those" negative types just bring us down and keep us in a funk.

    Minivan Mama, I've made a note of your feature to feature here on a Monday post...what a great idea!