Monday, October 4, 2010

Drift Off to Dreamland

After a weekend filled with MUCH earlier starts to my mornings than I can truly handle, I was reminded, once again, of the power of getting a good night's sleep. I can function with 7 but much prefer 8 hours of sleep a night, which is a more elusive target to hit, since I became a mom. Those nights of a couple blocks of 2-3 hours of sleep were murder on my ability to be at my "best", during the day, when my energy completely ran dry by midmorning snack (my caffeine buzz from multiple cups of coffee wore off). Things got better, and I remember how much a little more sleep, then a little more on top of that, made my world a much better place to live in...for me and for the other poor souls, who also resided there. I am not capable of even remotely trying to be a supermom, superwife, super office manager, super friend, super housekeeper, or a very super person, when I'm so tired that I can hardly see straight!

Just like choosing to get in some form of daily exercise and opting to eat as clean and healthy as possible, I made the decision that the same discipline had to be applied to my sleep schedule. After all, it is really just as important a tool to health and happiness, as exercise and eating right. Don't think so? You shoulda seen me stumbling around the house, in a delirious fog, Sunday morning! So, ten o' clock news and writing projects and good books and The Tonight Show be damned! Except on VERY rare occassion like blazing through the Twilight series, it's lights' out by 9:00, so that I can be who I need and want to be.

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  1. This Project Supermom sounds great...this is exactly why I started a blog last month, so I can be ME again! Check it out...