Friday, September 24, 2010

QuickByte Fridays--Jack Sht's Fraternity Rules

Since Project Supermom works for herself, she has instituted a new rule...EVERY weekend will be 3-days long and will start on Fridays! Yay!! So, in honor of this, Project Supermom will let her other blogging friends do all the work for her, so that you fans and readers still get some good food for thought to kick-off your weekend.

To start QuickByte Fridays, Project Supermom is pleased to share Fraternity Rules, from Jack Sht, Gettin Fit. Jack Sht shares tips and thoughts, gleaned from his own weight loss journey. What we love about him is the very blatant, sarcastic, humorous, and creative ways he shares his ideas. One of the most fun and unique posts of his is attached. Enjoy, my lovelies, and have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Hey! I found your blog from SITS, and I love the idea! I would love to contribute in the future if you are ever looking.