Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hand It to Your Hubby

When a plate of food is sitting in front of you, do you know how much of it counts toward the one serving of food you should have and how much of it is excess food that counts toward your bootie expanding another inch or two? And, no, the answer, especially if you eat out alot, is not just the one plate minus the second helping of mashed potatoes and the extra piece of bread you like to nibble on, before the main entree shows up. How do we know what is just enough and what is too much?

Well, if you read nutrition labels, you can measure out a serving size consistent with what's noted on the box. If you're going out to eat, you can peak at the restaurant's nutrition guide (if they provide one) on-line to see serving sizes and calories for the dish you're planning to order. If all this studying up isn't for you, you can also estimate a serving size by comparing foods to your hand...palm, thumb, cupped hand...which isn't hard to learn and can be applied anywhere at anytime without much advanced planning and researching. Go to for illustrated examples on how to use this option. Yes, once employed, you may be wishing for larger hands and longer fingers, but this method will also let you know just how plus-sized our meals are getting...a reflection of why our pant-sizes may also becoming plus-sized!

Easier still, to my ladies who just don't want to think about or bother with it (tsk, tsk, tsk) but would prefer minimal efforts for maximum results, take a look at the man sitting across the table from you. Do you find yourself in a constant marathon to keep up with his noshing, at the table? Do you match him bite-for-bite, scoop-for-scoop, plate-for-plate? Consider that his body requires at least 300-500 calories more to run than yours does...equivalent to almost an entire extra meal a day, if you eat the proper portions. You should not be eating the same amount as he does. As you're eating your meal, eat more slowly (gives your body time to register that you're full), drink lots of water (helps to fill you up), and watch what he's doing. If he's pushed back from the table, you should consider doing the same, when you've had about 3/4s the amount to eat.

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