Monday, August 2, 2010

Crack is Whack...and So Is Coke!

I had lunch with a good friend, the other day. After confiding that she knows she needs to lose about 100 pounds (more like 40-50, my dear!), glass of soda in hand, she talked to me about how all-consuming her work is and how Project Supermom's ideas don't work for her and her situation (ahem, hello?!! Review more closely the posts in Sustaining a Supermom, Supermom and the Scale, and Supermom Gets Moving to find plenty of options that could easily work), she is slurp, slurp, slurping away on her Coke. I'm seeing that it's not a lack of ways to get herself better but rather not having seen an idea come across that hit home for her and her life. Not so subtly, I interrupt her with a tap, tap, tap on her soda glass and say, "a good place to start is by giving this stuff up, you know".

As a reformed soda addict, my poison being Diet Pepsi, I immediately sensed her hesitancy. Then came the finger-pointing, "but you drink it all the time, don't you?" No, I gave the stuff up, before getting pregnant, since they discourage you drinking it know, the first clue that the stuff can't possibly be good for you. But to drink the regular stuff and just suck down all that extra sugar makes no sense, which was my next point. This was met with the justification I expected, "well, my doctor said you're supposed to stay away from all that fake sugar stuff". Hmmm, yes, because your body can work with sugar versus its manufactured counterparts...but, it's not as if sugar does anything for you...certainly not, after it's mixed into a chemical concoction like soda. Oh, the ways we cipher out only the information we want to hear, so that we can keep on with our ways!

She is experiencing height shrinkage, which I think she's too young to start seeing...the chemicals in soda work at stripping calcium away from your bones. She needs to lose weight...sugar adds empty calories to a diet, meaning it can also lead to weight gain. She goes through several a day...sugar causes a quick energy boost that burns off quick, encouraging more ingesting to maintain a higher energy level. The acidity in soda can be damaging to tooth enamel. Soda has been linked to creating cravings for salty, snacky foods. Soda is a culprit in belly fat, the most dangerous place to carry body fat. Being overweight and regularly eating foods high in sugar and salt has been linked to, among other things, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, which leaves you more vulnerable for a heart attack, diabetes, or cancer.

So, my friend, here is an idea just for you...a great first step towards improving your health...something that you can do now that requires no extra time or thought, on your part...skip the soda! Get your energy from healthy foods and snacks like fruits, veggies, and yogurt. Hydrate with water, even G2 or Vitamin Water or sugar-free lemonades or iced tea. But, please, please, pass on the soda!


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