Saturday, August 21, 2010

Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize!

I just got back from a trip to Santa Monica, California, a great, small city on the coast that is a stone's throw from Hollywood and Los Angeles. I loved the great outdoor spaces like the bikepaths and the beach...enjoyed the hot sun tempered by the cool ocean breeze...indulged in favorite foods infused with a westcoast twist. Mostly, though, I experienced a whole new level of appreciation for fashion...OMG, the women out there looked amazing!

We stayed just off the 3rd Street Promenade, a large, outdoor pedestrian mall that was generally teeming with crowds. Sitting at a table at an outdoor eatery or strolling the mall, it was a visual feast to see the cowboy or biker boots with skirts, the lacy tanks with a flowing cardigan, gladiator sandals of every color and design paired with a strappy sundress, fishnet leggings peaking out from under a black pencil skirt, Uggs with jean shorts paired with a casual tee and chunky scarf, and on goes the list of ensembles that were so trendy, edgy, soft, sexy!

Just as I was about to run out and change my whole wardrobe, I caught myself...what would people think, if I showed up in anything flashier than a black tee and jeans? Really, these were outfits straight out of fashion magazines, not stuff that people actually wore in real life, right? How did they manage to take these fashion risks and seem so comfortable doing so? And that was when I understood how they were pulling it off...they had accessorized their outfits with a heavy splash of confidence!

It wasn't so much the bold looks themselves but the way in which these women carried themselves...they had it going on, and they knew it! From the dropped-back shoulders to the raised chest to the gentle, feminine sway of hips, they moved with a self-assured swagger...their outfits were just outside expressions of their inner strength and glow. I began to realize that it wasn't about the outfit itself, but it was about the way in which the wearer carried herself that made the whole thing work so beautifully. So, maybe I'll find funner sandals to replace my plain flip-flops...add a more colorful sweater, other than my usual black, to my collection...layer a fun scarf over my usual plainer outfits. But, no matter what I choose to wear, I will be sure to top off my outfit with a good dose of self-confidence!

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