Friday, July 23, 2010

Will You Please Be Quiet!

We moms tend to be so busy, running hither and yon for work, the kids, errands, playdates, coffee runs, gym classes, meeting up with friends, groceries, and the list goes on and on. I know I am in an almost constant state of motion, even when I'm finally home, I'm back and forth across the house to the point that I giggle to myself about what a whirlwind of activity I am! Of course, there's the positive side to all this...getting things done, getting out and about, staying in the loop with friends, being able to do fun things.

Since I've had kinda a rough week and haven't been feeling at the top of my game, I thought I would focus on the other side of the coin...taking some time to just be quiet! It's important to let things sink in and to just be alone with yourself and your just breathe kinda like your kid needs to do via an afternoon nap. It is a challenge for me to just be still (by still, I mean to just chill and unwind and take a deep breath), as my anal, a-type side loves to keep checking things off the list that I keep adding to. I give myself the chance with, at least, a weekly session of yoga or stretch, which I do at naptime, so that I can kinda shut-out the world. We also re-did the sunroom off our bedroom, making it into a more comfortable sitting and yoga room, where I now can curl up on the couch, turn on some tunes, and zone out in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows with a favorite magazine (haven't had time to dive into a good book lately, which I sorely miss). Some weeks, I need more of this time than others, but I always feel better after getting the chance to be away for a bit. Then, it's back to the flurry of activity that is my life! What do you do to squeeze in some quiet time for yourself?

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  1. I take a bath and read Twilight! lol...or I squeeze in some ME time, doing whatever, late at night while everyone is asleep. And sometimes my gym time is ME time. I think it's important to carve out your own space and routine for ME time. It's the only way I stay sane!