Friday, July 16, 2010

This One's On Me

TGIF...and I like to shake off the work week with a cocktail, over dinner with the hubby. My beverage of choice is a nice glass or two of red wine from our House Selections wine collection...don't get too excited...this was just a fancy way of saying we keep spare bottles of some of our fave vintages in boxes in the basement!

If you like to kick-off the weekend with a celebratory beverage, and if that beverage generally comes in the form of a frozen margarita, you've found yourself at another quick-swap juncture...lucky you! Frozen margaritas will run ya 350-500 calories A PIECE...yes, if you are doing a quick calculation in your head, you are correct in figuring two of those bad boys basically cover over half your daily caloric needs, which fall anywhere from 1200-1800 per day, including breakfast (which I hope you ate?!!) and lunch. Given frozen margs often arrive with a side of chips and salsa or a basket of some other naughty happy hour nibbles, you are looking down the barrel of very quickly blowing up not only your day's caloric budget but probably nearly the whole week's worth of good efforts.

Okay, everyone splurges every now and then, but this country isn't growing in size, because we do this every so often. If this is your Friday night routine, might I suggest giving the on-the-rocks version a try? I know it's not a sweet and desserty, but that's kinda the point, because it will also save you at least half or more of the calories, coming in around 170 per drink! Now, you've got some wiggle room to work with on your night's out...cheers!

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