Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rock the Vote!!

If you are following this blog, you've seen Beachbody Coach, Trisha Cavanaugh, mentioned several times. She has been a huge supporter of both Project Supermom and its author...me! What I love about Trisha is her passion for intense exercise, mostly done from home with her kids directly underfoot, and her support of firefighters and our military. Trisha has embarked on and completed an INSANE fitness challenge from Muscle & Fitness, called The Transformation Challenge. Being one of just a fraction of contestants that actually finished the Challenge, Trisha just needs one more thing to get closer to winning...VOTES!!

Project Supermom is asking for your support of one of our own! Go to the link below, press Ctrl F, and enter Trisha C to pull her up...her pic and gallery appear beneath her name. Select her and scroll to the bottom to enter your vote. That's it...a couple quick steps, and you will have helped get her one step closer. On behalf of us both, thank you!

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