Tuesday, July 13, 2010

All Purpose Bleach

I know you're supposed to steer clear of foods containing enriched flours, opting for their whole-grain counterparts instead, since their nutrients haven't been stripped away in the process of becoming a packaged product. As I've read nutrition labels, I've seen the terms bleached or unbleached also appearing in the ingredients, while I'm scrolling through the list to decipher what it is I'm considering eating. For some silly reason, I thought it meant bleached white by the sun...I know, seriously, right?!! It wasn't until I watched last weeks' Losing It With Jillian that I finally had my awakening. As she went through ingredients listed in a bag of flour, she mentioned that it was bleached and said something to the effect of, "wanna go to the laundry room and have a cup of bleach with your meal"! I swear, it was like a lightbulb exploded in my headed, as I grasped that it is actual BLEACH that is used, not some natural process, followed by shock that this would be allowed. But, bleach and a lot of other chemicals that I can't begin to pronounce or find on the Periodic Table can be found sprinkled throughout processed, packaged foods. And, we are eating it...regularly, blindly, foraciously...to the very detriment of our health.

Our bodies weren't built to efficiently process chemicals and dyes...we aren't washing machines. As you're wandering through aisles of bread, crackers, cookies, snack cakes, bake mixes, and frozen foods, pick up a package and flip to the ingredients list and take a look...then, let the image of sipping on some liquid bleach guide you to a better option.

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