Friday, June 4, 2010

So Cheesy!

Ah, cheese...that delightful little morsel that has become almost a staple, in so many things that we eat. It is ooey-gooey deliciousness, I know, but it is also a source of lots of fat and calories. As I crunch numbers in my calorie counter, I can never get over how the calories in a recipe, even one that is otherwise healthy, just jump, after I add in the cheese component...sliced, shredded, 2%, natural, creamed, lite, cubed, fat-free, soured. Am I going to tell you to quit eating it? No. But, the next time you're eating something that includes cheese, pay attention to whether or not you can actually TASTE it. Cheese is so the norm that I think we eat it, sometimes just because it's there, not so much because of how it really enhances a meal...thus adding lots and lots of extra calories to our lives for no other reason than habit. A great example of this is cheese slices on Subway sandwiches . I always ate my 6-inch turkey with cheese...the American way, right?!!...until I realized that the cheese added an easy 100-calories to the meal but really didn't add much flavor. So, I started to pass on the cheese...weird at first, because I love it...and noticed that I didn't even notice it was gone. I survived a meal without cheese!

I continued to "test" the need for cheese in other meals, including burrito bowls from Chipotle, Mexican gumbos from Qdoba, chicken wraps from Red Robin, and entree salads from various sit-down places. Nope, nope, not having cheese didn't detract from the meal at all, but I walked away with a couple hundred extra calories to spend on something more worthwhile...or to save and put towards losing that extra pound that week. So, think about what it's doing for you and your meal, then start to pick your battles with it!


  1. I love Cheese to nibble. I never even thought about it as just a trend when you put it in salad, extra on pizza, or melted in chili. Not necessary. Thanks for the tidbits. I needed this.

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  3. New to u and thrilled! Ur a superchick fo sho!!! What an awesome way to start off my day! =)