Monday, June 21, 2010

PB Toast

*Supermom tested for prep-easability, good-for-you-ness, and lip-smacking results!*

There is not a whole lot easier than toasting a slice of bread and slathering on some butter spread and peanut butter! If you find yourself never having time for breakfast, the premier meal of the day that is best not to skip, PB toast is a great is so easy, your kids can also eat it (sans nut or gluten allergies, of course!), and it goes great with a hot cup of coffee! Given that I have a toddler, who seems to time the end of his breakfast with a firm "all done", as soon as I sit down with my plate, I find that this breakfast can also easily be eaten on the run, using a napkin in place of a plate. It is tasty, whether eaten right out of the toaster or nibbled on here-and-there, due to unexpected diaper changes, phone calls, or clean-ups. I get my day off to a great start with a nutritious mix of whole grains and protein with a little fat to help it stick till my mid-morning snack...this is surprisingly low in calories and in those naughty sugars found in pastries, bagels, and some cereals and bars. Eating a good breakfast also gets my metabolism up and running and helps me feel more energized for the day. Mine typically looks like: 1 slice whole-wheat bread (actualy wheat, not the enriched crap), 1/2 Tbsp Smart Balance spread (one of the only spreads that doesn't have trans-fat, otherwise known as partially-hydrogenated soybean oil), and 1/2 Tbsp natural peanut butter (I've done the real natural pb with a couple packs of Splenda added to the jar, as well as the Skippy stuff). Enjoy!

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