Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Bad and the Ugly

Ever wonder why you "just keep gaining weight" but "can't figure out why"? Ever wonder why you get in your minimum 30-minutes of exercise most days but never seem to be one of those "lucky" people that actually sees results? Pondering this and feeling sorry for yourself, over a plate of any of the foods listed in the article below? If so, let this information provide some clues as to why you feel your waistline is ever-expanding...not to mention why your blood pressure and cholesterol might be rising, too. Not sure what to make about the caloric information...I'm at my goal weight and only require about 1300 calories a day to function...throw in strength and triathlon training workouts and after-dinner walks, and I can make that 1500-1700 a day. If you are regularly eating out and ordering dishes like what's in this article, there really is no escaping the caloric bomb you've unleashed on yourself...not being better the rest of the day or starving the next day or walking for 5 more minutes that afternoon...nada! Do yourself a favor, go online to research nutrition facts at your fave restaurants, let the shock wash over you at the obscene number of calories in a lot of dishes, and consider some OTHER options on the menu! Seriously, it is scary what we have allowed ourselves to put in our mouths on a regular basis...and no wonder why we are going down the road of being an obese society!



  1. Thank you to my neighbor, Kimberly, for forwarding me this information!

  2. Excellent post! Thanks for sharing- and what better time to get started than the summer! Thanks- keep up the good work!