Friday, June 11, 2010


Although a lady generally reveals nothing, Project Supermom is thrilled to announce that she has reached 50 big ones! followers, that is!! In celebration, I would like to recognize the Project's 50th member, Genevieve Le Bel, founder of Celebrate TODAY...the Superchick Way, a blog about motherhood and creativity! Check out her site for some uplifting thoughts and fun ideas on all kinds of things! She can also be found on the Facebook circuit at!/pages/Celebration-TODAY-The-superchick-way/357443450465?ref=ts. Your blog always makes me smile...thanks for your support, Genevieve!

celebrate today

Not only does the Project have 50 followers here, on the official site, but she is closing in on 150 Facebook fans at!/pages/Project-Supermom/308383845776?ref=ts. Her Twitter presence is also growing in leaps and bounds, at! I encourage you to give Project Supermom a shout-out, at each of our locations, if you haven't already...and your friends are welcome, too! I could not do this without YOU!!

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  1. Keri,
    WOW! Seriously superchick, my jaw just dropped and I'm feeling blessed beyond words... Thank you so so so much for featuring Celebrate TODAY... the superchick way!
    Hugs and much love,