Monday, May 3, 2010

Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

Me, enjoying a famous Fenway Frank in Fenway Park, during a private party for our conference group. And, no, I didn't stop at one! People couldn't believe I would eat a hot dog, being that I'm a champion of healthy living. But that's the point of livng a healthy lifestyle...I make the right decision on what to eat, most of the time, but there has to be room for treats...something so many of us think we have to live without, in the name of being healthy or dieting. You cannot live your whole life restricting yourself from enjoying the occassional indulgence. Where's the fun in that? So, I took full advantage of the situation, and had a couple beers, popcorn, fries...and, it was when I happily started in on my second hot dog that this picture was taken, as proof that this Supermom eats healthfully, works out hard, has a goal weight to attain, but is capable of setting all that aside for a brief moment to treat myself, along the way!

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  1. Ah - Boston - My neck of the woods. So glad you enjoyed a Fenway Frank - you can't go to a game and NOT have one.