Thursday, May 13, 2010

Once Upon a Dream

My first full triathlon competition is a stones' throw away. I have experienced so many new and powerful emotions lately, getting ready for this race, having never really participated in athletics...overwhelmed, excited, jittery, anxious. I feel the weight of what I'm about to do, resting on my shoulders, although not in a bad way. I have put in the equipment is primed and ready to go...I have that somewhat calm realization that my moment is here.

This is not just a race to me. It is the culmination of so many things, mostly the undeniable truth that no matter how bad I put myself down in my head, I have gotten myself here and am about to do something I have admired, from afar, for a long time...something I never thought I could do...that I could never be this girl...that this dream was meant for someone else...somebody more capable...somebody stronger...someone better. But, here I am. I learned what had to be done, laid out a plan to get me there, and put in the work...I committed my MIND! I finally, for once, gave myself the chance to prove to MYSELF that I am capable, I am strong, I can be better, and that I can achieve my dreams, too!

"I can almost see it...that dream I'm dreaming" --The Climb, Miley Cyrus

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