Friday, May 21, 2010


I'm sure you've all seen those poor people on TV, who are hoarders...basically, they have literally accummulated so much crap, in their homes, that it becomes a health hazard for them to live there. These people emass piles of "stuff"...mail, papers, all kinds of products for everything, animals, trash, etc...creating mountains of junk and filth that clutter and clog their homes, to the point that these people can no longer function in it or, worse yet, have endangered their very lives.

I wonder how many of us are mental "hoarders"? You know, packing our days, our lives, full of all kinds of crap to do, so we don't have room left to live in our personal reality? Of course you have no time for yourself, because you have to do this, get that, go here, buy this, take care of that, start this, get one of those, right?!! Have you ever thought of getting rid of some of that clutter and seeing what it would be like to spend some quality time just being in your reality?...or are you using all that crap to protect yourself from it? I'll bet, you'd be amazed at the answer you'd find and what you'd be able to build from there, if you really dialed into what needs to be in your life, instead of loading it up with distractions...

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