Tuesday, May 18, 2010

For the Record

Race day was full of craziness, chaos, pain, fear, doubt, mistakes, exhileration, relief, and joy! My times were 21:06 swim, 51:48 bike, and 31:17 run...I have completed my first triathlon...I am now a triathlete! This realization was something I quietly mulled over, scrubbing poop out of my son't bathtub, that very evening...another first for me, I might add. I laughed at the irony of the day being filled with two milestones, both of which being badges I could wear with honor...both being war stories I will reflect back on throughout my life...both very much highlighting that balance between me and motherhood.

It is being able to find that balance that makes us supermoms. So, I ask, what is your "triathlon"? As you're knee-deep in motherhood, what are you doing to train for your own race?


  1. So, I know you mean, figuratively, but I am actually doing a triathlon Sat. Your bike is way faster than mine, and my swim is 300 in the pool..So I'm hoping for a time of 8 minutes for the swim, 55 minutes for bike (13 miles), and 30 minutes for the run (3 miles)! Thanks for sharing your accomplishment!

  2. And, a sincere good luck to you! Triathlons are such a challenge but so rewarding. You can do it...take a moment, during the race, to just take it all in for yourself!

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