Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Looking for a way to get motivated about working out or just trying to jazz up your routine? Join Beachbody Coach and fellow Supermom, Trisha Cavanaugh, for the Fit by the Fourth challenge! Talk about a great way to jumpstart your summer fitness and nutrition plan...and, oh, did I mention that the challenge is FREE? Simply follow the instructions below to sign-up and join. Don't have any Beachbody DVDs? See Trisha to order one (I live and die by P90X) that will fit your needs or see if a buddy or your local library has copies. No idea about Shakeology? It's a shake mix used in smoothies; the chocolate is good, and Trisha can suggest recipes for you to try...she may also have samples, if you ask nicely. Don't want to spend the money? Okay, join us for the competition anyway, and reward yourself, if you hit your goals. Not interested in this at all?...well, whatevs! Here's the information:

A 7 week summer "get fit" challenge which begins May 17 and ends on the Fourth of July. Workout, get healthy, and feel great by Independence Day. It is motivation, accountability, and friendly competition...all participants benefit!
1. go to and get your FREE Team Beachbody needs to say TRISHACAV will be your Coach.
2. order Shakeology or your favorite Beachbody workout program if you don't have one under your Beachbody membership
3. take "before" photos and measurements of your biceps, thighs, and waist.
1. email me your photo and measurments once a week (so by the end I need to have 8 photos of your "transformation", including your "before" and "final" photo)
2. replace Shakeology with one meal everyday
3. workout to your favorite Beachbody program with appropriate rest days
BONUS!!!!!1. refer friends to to sign up for a free membership and purchase either Shakeology or a fitness program and enter a drawing to win a box of P90X protein bars.2. sign up as a Coach and receive 25% off your order of Shakeology and all other Beachbody products and programs at!!!!!!!!
*****Biggest transformation overall and follow the rules of participation WINS a PHILIPS 7" PORTABLE DVD PLAYER to take your workouts with you on the road! You are going to be working out anyway, why not see what you can really get out of it? Take it to the next level, whether you're an athletic novice or veteran. You will be a winner, no matter what. in less time than you think*****


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