Wednesday, May 12, 2010

First Base

Well, here we are...all done shooting down some of the excuses ("I can't blah-blah-blah") running through your head, at the mere thought of starting down the road of being healthier...of being happier. Still hearing that negative chatter? Flip back through some old posts for a refresher on overcoming those hesitations, and let's do this!

Getting to first base is as simple as getting familiar with your caloric intake versus. output. Yes, I know that all these diets and pills and magic formulas want to make it SOOOO much more complicated than that, but it really is as simple as being aware of how much you're shoving in your face and how much of that you are burning off. You can probably guess that eating better costs less than eating garbage, while exercising gives you more wiggle room to work with...a natural progression towards a healthier lifestyle.

So, how do we know our calorie alotment? There are numerous free calorie counters on-line that will figure out your intake needs, based on height, weight, age, gender, and activity level. Here's a link to one of the calculators that I've used (thank you, Trisha!): Once you get your number, start to pay attention to the calories in the foods you're eating and compare to your actual intake needs. You may be surprised at the very vast difference between what your body actually needs and what you're giving it...surprised at the high caloric cost of foods that don't even fill you up or make you feel good...maybe not so surprised at how those "little" splurges really add up. Get on base, so that you can start closing that gap!

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