Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Just Plain Dumb

I think we shy away from doing something new or different, out of fear of looking dumb. As adults, we have generally mastered our universes and are somewhat removed from having to bumble our way through learning something new. Yeah, it sounds fun to try that new belly-dancing class or to sign up for your first yoga class, but then you start to think about it and wonder...what if I wind up looking dumb? Next thing you know, you let doubt creep in and throw up another roadblock to changing your that is very easy to sidestep. What if you quit worrying about what other people might be thinking...if they're even paying attention to you, which they probably aren't...and just focus on the task at hand? Better yet, what if you spent that energy pumping yourself up for, at least, being willing to try something new?

Everyone had to start somewhere and probably had their fair share of stumbles, along the way. You don't know their story, and they don't know yours, so focus on yourself and your goals and enjoy the journey!

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  1. Well said and something we all need to remember!