Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Embarassment Factor

Okay, my friends, back to business...

I think what scares people about lifestyle changes is facing things about themselves that might be real embarrassing like clocking in with a big number on the scale or admitting that you have an interest in something that you know others in your life will think is stupid. So, we just quietly dust these things under the carpet to avoid having to feel uncomfortable. But, do these things, these realities about ourselves, just disappear? No, they just sit and fester, under the surface, but add that little bit of underlying self-doubt or self-hatred to our lives. Continue to ignore it, and, I think, that's where we see the symptoms of obesity and misery...all because you might be too embarrassed to take control of your life and your happiness?!!

Own up to where you are in life, whether you're overweight, unhealthy, or unhappy or completely satisfied...after all, you and the decisions you make are most likely the reason behind where you're at in life. So, accept that this is the case, good or bad, and move on! Start being accountable to yourself, your goals, your health, your dreams, by making a different set of taking small steps in changing your life...nothing to be embarrassed about there!

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