Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Deflation Complete

If you remember, as we started on this journey together, we talked about all the self-defeating thoughts that might creep into your head, as you start down this new road and try to meet new challenges and goals. We've spent a LOT of time shooting down these excuses and ways you talk yourself out of stepping up and becoming a better person, saving what I think is the most deflating obstacle of all...that little voice in your head that constantly says "I can't!"...for last.

I struggle with this one, too. It seems that whenever I start to gain momentum on something I've been working towards, whether it be triathlon training, a new work-out, or even this blog, and am just about to leap to the next level, the chatter starts in my head...just when I need to dig a little deeper, work a little harder, ask a little more of myself, I hear the whisperings of "I can't!" start in my head. It's weird how that little whisper becomes a loud echo that reverberates through me, until it physically manifests with me giving up on myself.

It's amazing how much of our power we give away to something so we let it so completely deflate us...

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