Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Well, Since They Get to Have It...

Talk about an "innocent" misstep that can really add up! You take the kids to McDonalds for a treat or because you're out and about, and despite all your good habits and best intentions, you splurge...just this one time (yeah, right!)...and order yourself a Quarter Pounder with Cheese Extra Value Meal to put down along with the kids. You deserve some fries, right? WRONG!!! While there is nothing wrong with splurging here and there, these unplanned nosh fests can really undermine your efforts.

Okay, so, since avoiding fast food places forever and ever is not an option, what can you do? Plan for the splurge, if you really need to have all that garbage that bad, by eating right the rest of the week and day of your treat, splurge, and get back on track. Otherwise, get a small treat for a snack like a small fry or cone. Or, just pass! Hard to sit and watch your kids shoveling food down their faces, while you sit idly by? Throw a piece of fruit, protein bar, or a bag of pretzels in your purse to enjoy and treat yourself to an iced tea. Yes, there have been plenty of times I have sat at Burger King with a bowl of homemade tuna salad and some whole-wheat crackers, while the rest of the table ate trays full of processed, fried, salty "food". Not only did I eat food that actually made me feel good and energized, but I avoided those empty, yet high, caloric bombs. You aren't missing anything but feeling guilty, defeated, bloated, all with a nice case of indigestion.

Oh, and while we're on the subject of what the kids get to eat, drop the habit of finishing off nibbles left on their plates. We both know it's more about stealing a bite or two of hot dog, chicken nugget, or some other treat (definitely not the steamed veggies, in other words), than actually preventing "waste". You don't need the extra calories!

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  1. I totally agree with you here. I have also taken my own food into McDonald's and ate something other than what they had to offer.

    Found you through TwitterMoms and following. You should check out my blog!