Monday, March 22, 2010

The Vision Going Forward

Speaking of being skinny, what is the big hang-up with women that we somehow think our whole life's happiness lies almost solely in being skinny?!!...sans the almost CONSTANT bombardment of images of the ideal, "perfect" feminine shape splashed all over the place, of course. There have been recent studies and research that has found that, in extreme cases, the majority of women would rather get hit by a truck than be 100 pounds overweight! Now, I'm betting that that desire has more to do with personal appearance, than with the health factors there, but still...are you kidding?

We need to start changing our thinking and shift our focus to value ourselves more for leading a healthier life and nurturing our spirits. Instead of wasting anymore energy chasing down a dress-size that may, or may not, be attainable for us, let's reconfigure our brains to be excited about what the outcome will look like, as we really start to dial into taking better care of our bodies and minds! You know, the new you that will emerge that is energized and positively exhubarant and invigorated. That face looking back at you that absoluteley shines and glows with a zest for life...find value in THAT image!

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