Friday, March 5, 2010

Supermoms Get Some Extra Mileage

Sometimes, little changes can really start to add up, especially when it comes to buring off a couple of extra calories here and there. Small changes can give a nice boost to the metabolism, whether or not you're already working out and/or counting calories.

A couple of very easy changes to make...park further out in the parking lot and take the stairs, whenever you can, instead of elevators or escalators...let's also throw in those mobile sidewalks you see at airport concourses. Dragging kids, bags, coats, etc.? Great, even more calories you can burn! Too cold to hike in from the far reaches of the parking lot? Guess what your body has to do to keep warm for those extra few seconds? That's right...burn a few more calories!

Some extra calories burned off here and there, and presto, a few more pounds come off the scale! Really, whenever there's an opportunity to implement these changes, jump on it! There's really no good reason not to, right? Even if you are left a little (or a lot) winded now, it won't be long before you're breezing up a flight of stairs. So, I'll leave you to it...giddy up!

1 comment:

  1. I do try! Run up stairs instead of walk, usually falling head over arse on the way up, and I try to drink water, whilst eating my favourite chocolate bar.

    CJ xx