Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dieting is the Devil!

How is it that going with a healthier lifestyle somehow means being on a "diet"? DIET IS A BAD WORD...and, generally speaking, judging by the rising obesity rates in this country, it is not an effective long-term solution to weight and health management. The word diet just conjures up all sorts negative things like the dread of no longer being able to enjoy certain foods or the apprehension surrounding how successfully you can stick with the plan. Then, there's the real big bummer of not being able to participate in food celebrations, because you're on a diet. And, depending on your plan, ugh, the food you do get to eat may not be as savory as you would like, and you've had to immediately convert to eating it. Any wonder why people pack back on all the lost pounds, plus some extra, after this sort of punishment? Diets are too restrictive, for long term success. Yes, it may be great to use pills, premade meals, rice cakes, cleanses, shakes, starvation, and whatever else to drop 10 pounds in a week, but you can't rely on these means forever...more importantly, you don't LEARN anything from doing this!

So, get it out of your head that, since joining Project Supermom, you're gonna recommit to some New Year's resolution diet plan you promised to see through this time. We're not dieting here! We are making better choices about the foods we eat, and that includes not only the nutritious stuff but also the junk food that inevitably finds its way into all our lives. Let's change our focus to small changes that we can make, over time, that can also sustain us over time. When you look at a lifetime filled with primarily healthy choices, a slice of pizza or piece of cake is just a speedbump in the road, not a complete derailment. Food is not the enemy..."dieting" is!

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