Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Working Around the Family

"But my family won't eat healthier...they make me feel guilty, when I try to workout". Oh, please! You are capable of acting independently, being that you're a grown adult and all.

The great thing about what we're talking about here is making small changes, instead of doing a major overhaul that'll disrupt the entire household. You may be surprised about what changes they'll eventually embrace with your positive role-modeling. Be confident in yourself and your decisions. Educate your family on why healthy is better and involve them in making decisions to support a healthier lifestyle. This is not only good for you...leading a healthier life and making yourself a priority...but, I would argue that this is also going to be good for them!

Still not seeing a way out of feasts at the dinner table or weekend junk-food bingers? Okay, have healthier nibbles around that are just for you, and be excited that you have your own secret stash to dive into. Make a point to eat right throughout the work week to balance out weekend splurges. Prepare light and healthy breakfasts, lunches, and snacks for yourself, in order to counteract heavier dinners, and to keep you feeling fuller, so that you aren't as apt to overeat. If your hubby won't watch the kids for an hour and/or complains about you being gone to workout, practice your yoga for him, in a fitted tank top and some cute boy shorts...or, add some stripper, pole-dancing, or belly-dancing routines to your you'll get his attention and support pretty quickly!

This is about doing the right thing for yourself, which you can still do with or without them being onboard!

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