Friday, February 26, 2010

No, Oprah, no!

Caught a bit of Oprah yesterday (a rare indulgence that is still often interrupted by a chattery baby!) and was utterly flabbergasted! Between her and special guest, Kirstie Alley, I could scream! Here's why:

--"you're not a's not what's on the scale or the dress size"
--"my new thing started later, so I could eat what I wanted to for longer...and, generally, it's not the good stuff"

It was ridiculous! All these kinds of statements do is give women a soft out from having to get real about their health!...not that I would EVER consider Oprah or Kristie to be pillars of the lifestyle. First of all, the number of the scale and your BMI are good indicators of where you are (healthy weight range or obese). Your cholesterol levels and blood pressure are also important health factors. Good or bad, though, your "numbers" do say a lot about you...poo-pooing them is just another way to DENY where you're at. Now, I understand not all of us need or want to be size 2s or weigh 110 pounds. But here's the conversation that starts: "Gee, Oprah doesn't use a scale to measure her weight but judges by how her clothes fit. Hmmm, I can still fit into my yoga pants, so I can't be THAT big". Riiigghhhtt! Easy to say, when you wear nothing but flowy maxi dresses and tops to hide in!Over the past 15 pounds, I've been wearing the same pants!!! The only difference is that they fit loser, I don't have a muffin top, and I'm in a healthier weight range, lessening my chances for all types of diseases, including diabetes and cancer!

Next, isn't it the story of American women..."starting my diet on Monday, so spending the weekend gourging on all kinds of bad foods that I won't ever be able to eat again ever"? Both of them are missing the point here! Notice, it's back to the usual restrictive eating habits that DON'T LAST FOR ANY OF US. The kind of talk that makes it seem like punishment to live healthier. It is NOT! Living healthier does not mean restrictive "dieting", as we'll discuss throughout Project Supermom. With all the experts at her disposal, I was so disappointed to see this kind of talk, from two female role models, still going around. Shame on you, Oprah!!


  1. HI Keri! First of All, I don't like Oprah and NEVER have. I tried watching her for awhile when she first started out her talk show, but there was just something about her I didn't like. Anyway, I agree with you about the way those statements make us feel. Secondly, she shouldn't be talking about weight-loss anyway as she gained her's all back. I don't know much about Kirstie Alley except she also took dance lessons to exercise her weight off, as well as doing Jenny Craig, then gained it all back. I'm just not a fan of celebrities that endorse weight-loss products, or get up and talk about it because they are not like us regular "joes" we don't have thoousands of dollars to spend on personal trainers, dance lessons, Weight loss meals (Nutri System). I've been going to Curves for over a year. I love it because it definitely gives me energy. The first month I started I went from 180 to 165, because I WATCHED WHAT I ATE, and exercised 5 days a week. Then hubby and I went on vacation in July, and I gained it ALL back. I have gotten back down to 175, but that's all. I havent' been eating like I'm suppose to, according to the Curves manual. As far as looking at the scale, we weigh once a month. If you continually look at the scale it is not a good thing because you stress yourself out if you gain a pound, and stress also causes weight-gain. I also found out from the Curves trainer or manager that you don't weigh AFTER working out, as WORKING OUT causes Water Retention and weight-gain. Oops! There I go again, writing a book. Too bad I can put all these thoughts into a real article or book!

    God Bless!


  2. I bet Dr. Oz would disagree with them:)

  3. Keri, I think you are right!!

    PJ--Love your enthusiasm! I agree. I've heard good things about Curves, so keep up the great work. As for losing weight, take what you're learning and keep working on it. If you lost and gained it all back, sounds like something was too restricted. Work on swappinng out carby snacks for some fruits or veggies and watch portion control! Amp up your workout, too...especially on weights...those last 3 reps should be hard. As for the scale, I weigh in weekly, so that I stay accountable. The scale gives information, whether you like what you see or is not judging you! Stay with me, and we'll keep working on this!