Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I Can't, I Won't, so...I Don't

Now that you're considering putting some effort into a very worthwhile cause...yourself (gee, there's a concept)...let's lay-out some hesitations that may have cropped up already, at just the THOUGHT of making a change:
  • I don't have enough time to change my habits

  • My family won't change their habits

  • I'll change my habits later

  • I don't care about being skinny (hello?!!...not what I'm getting at here!!)

  • It'll be embarrassing

  • What if I look dumb?

  • I can't...

Don't be fooled! These are simply excuses...excuses to hide underlying fear, lack of motivation, disorganization, and denial...maybe even some self-loathing? Well, enough! I'm not here to coddle you or acknowledge your excuses, by offering a soft place to whine and complain about "not being able" to get in gear. I don't want to hear it, my dear! Being a pouty princess will not get you closer to making life changes...it does not help you to play into being a victim.

So, yes, sometimes we all have to work a little harder or make the harder decision or do things we may not want to do. C'est la vie. Now, let's move on to the business of bettering ourselves...

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