Friday, February 19, 2010

Hello, Sleepyhead, Get Yourself Outta Bed!

Good morning, my lovelies! Here's to me FINALLY writing about one of the many small steps I keep talking about!

It is time to rise and shine! (if you don't already) If you got out of bed an hour or so earlier, imagine what you could do: get a work-out in, knock out chores to make room for you-time later in the day, or spend some time doing something positive for yourself. I was a habitual snooze-button girl, which got me nowhere but kinda groggy, to be honest. Now, I spring outta bed at 4:30 (everyday of the week, not weekends of course, and not always happily)...believe it or not, I feel more energized and less lethargic. This allows me the time to get in a good workout, shower, change, get organized, and even sneak a cup of coffee, before it's mommy go-time, and my daily frantic pace sets in.

It may take a week or two to adjust to getting up earlier...may I also suggest coordinating this with going to bed earlier. Consider this time of the day sacred time!


  1. I agree with you about getting up early and having that time to get things done. Makes your day much easier.

    They say it takes, what, 27 days to form a habit. Not a lot to ask for all the wonderful changes it can bring.

  2. I love getting up early in the mornings but I have a lot of trouble at night, with getting to bed at a decent hour. 4:30 would be a luxury wake-up time - right now I'm struggling just to get up at 6:30!
    What time is your bedtime? And how do you wrap up all of those loose ends so early every evening?

  3. The baby goes down around 6:30, which is a mini-blessing! We go to bed generally no later than 9ish, most of the week. I have built a morning routine of things I can get done (let dogs out, feed dogs, open blinds, put away dishes, trash, start laundry, prep for dinner, make protein shakes, fill cups of milk, etc), while he's playing in his crib or eating breakfast, so that I'm ready for the evening. We work on major chores only on weekends, and I have a schedule of what is done each week...when things are done, I don't add more to the list! I have a routine of things to get done, during dinner prep and briefly following dinner (clean up kitchen, fill humidifiers, put on my deodorant, take vitamins, set out morning dishes), then it's family time only till night-night. My hubby and I generally hang out, until lights out. I move at warp speed to get most of my to-do list done for each day, but there comes a point where I may need to let things slide (catching the news, getting in one more floor mopping for the week, watering the plants), even if I don't like thing I don't let slide are my workouts and eating habits! If I do too often, I feel guilty, and that just weighs me down mentally, making everything harder. When I take care of me, I can function so much better!

  4. More on this...chill after dinner! I think it helps with being ready to sleep. Eat dinner as early as you can, so that you don't have a full stomach to contend with. And, please tell me you're not drinking ANYTHING caffeinated after 3pm??

  5. I quit coffee in University... it was really messing up my system. This morning I got up at 6 (yesss!) and dragged hubby out of bed with me. Part of the issue is that he likes to stay up late and sleep till the baby gets up (8am), but now I'm going to try to get us both into a new habit.

    Thanks for your advice! If I start tying up all those loose ends around 6pm, I should be able to relax and enjoy family time, and still get to bed around 10. I'm going to try that tonight. :-)

  6. Good job on taking that step! Keep up the efforts, and keep me posted!