Friday, January 29, 2010

Why The Project...

So, I'll bet some of you are curious as to why I decided to do this? My motivation comes from a passion I have discovered for leading a healthier lifestyle...physically and mentally. By this, I mean living in a way that makes you feel good about yourself, both inside and out...that makes you feel empowered...that puts a spring in your step...that makes you stand up a little straighter...that makes you feel superhuman!

I see the stories of women, many who are also moms, who have lost their way and themselves. All you need to do is tune into the morning shows, talk shows, The Biggest Loser, and even your girlfriends and family to see the pattern: happy, bubbly girl goes about life, gets married, gets pregnant, has baby, gets immersed in motherhood, turns around and has no idea who is looking back at her in the mirror! The girl in the mirror looks tired, tattered around the edges, chubbier than she remembers...she shrugs herself off, hiding behind the guise of being "too busy" or not having time or blah, blah, blah. Despite the denial, I think these women harbor a secret well of self-loathing, self-hatred, and depression. Trust me...I know...I've been here, too, and I couldn't STAND IT!

Well, enough! You do not need to be a helpless victim, lost under a mountain of fear and denial. You do not need a major overhaul to rebuild yourself. You just need to stand up and do what you need to do, and unfortunately, it's not always easy or fun. You aren't taking care of yourself or your soul, hiding behind the "I'm a mom" excuse. You are in there, and you are worth nurturing!

This is why I decided to finally do this blog. I have learned little tips and picked up ideas and formed strong opinions that helped me find my way, on this journey. They didn't require a massive overhaul of my life or my family's. Being nearly two years into this motherhood thing, I've been amazed at what I have accomplished, both big and small...I am so proud of who I am becoming...I am excited and anxious to see what else I can do...I am beginning to feel good in my own skin...I am force to be reckoned with, in my own life...I am becoming Supermom! And, this is what I want for you. It just isn't that hard. You just need to get your ass in gear, which is why I'm here. I ask you...why not?...

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